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Welcome to Decision Desk HQ and The Hill’s Election Center — your ultimate hub for everything related to the 2024 election. Dive into the most comprehensive collection of polls across the nation, forecast the presidency, House, and Senate outcomes, and explore detailed results for every primary and general election as soon as they are called.

DDHQ/The Hill Forecast

Build and share your own presidential, House, and Senate maps to test different 2024 outcomes.

Biden Dropout Tracker

Several prominent Democrats have suggested or explicitly asked President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race following the first debate. Polls indicate that most Americans, including many Democrats, would prefer Biden to exit the race in favor of another Democratic nominee. Decision Desk HQ and The Hill are monitoring these statements leading up to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago next month.

Members of Congress


want Biden to drop out


have concerns about Biden


say it's Biden's choice


say Biden should run

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RFK Jr. Ballot Access Tracker

Unlike nominees for the two political parties, independent candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. must petition for access to each state and the District of Columbia’s presidential ballot. Decision Desk HQ is tracking where RFK Jr. is officially on the ballot according to state officials and where his campaign claims to have enough signatures to be included in November. You can rollover each state to see when their petition window is open, the number of signatures needed to make the ballot, and how many electoral votes that state has.

Race to access 538 electoral votes

Access to 83 Electoral Votes confirmed and an additional 307 claimed.

Confirmed Ballot Access

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Upcoming 2024 primary elections

Where the campaigns are headed next.

Latest poll averages

Explore new daily polls across the country leading up to the biggest primary and general races.

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